Frequently Asked Questions

Does Givve sell any items directly?

No, we only feature items.  To buy an item featured on Givve click the “Buy Now” link under the product and Givve will redirect you to purchase the item directly from our awesome vendors.


How does the charity component work?

Every item featured on Givve is already associated with a charity.  Therefore each time you buy something you lovve from Givve, together we enable more money being donated to charity.  The charity and/or cause supported by each product is clearly listed underneath the item so its clear how you can do more through your purchases.


How do products Givve back to charities?

Our products Givve back in 3 ways.

1)   Each individual sale of a product donates a percentage of the sale price back to charity. Some of our pieces donate 100% of the purchase price back to charity.

2)   Vendors will donate a percentage of their annual sales to a charity of their choice.

3)   Vendors are helping the world through creating pieces in a fair trade, sustainable and green production way. Therefore they are helping employee people for respectful wages, doing their part to help the environment and trying to minimalize their impact on environment by maximizing there impact in the fashion community.


How do I know the money is going where it claims to go?

Givve vets all charities and vendors before they can become a partner on Givve. We pride ourselves on being transparent to our customers.


Where can I learn more about the brands and charities featured on Givve?

Check out “our partners” page to learn more about the brands and charities Givve features.


What is a Givve List?

A Givve List allows you to be your own personal Givve stylist and curate Lists of products that you lovve. You can group products by cause, brand, category, style, or any grouping of your choice!   You can also share your Lists with friends and family via Facebook, Twitter, email, You name it! Maybe you have a birthday coming up? Create a list of items that you would lovve your friends to buy for you so you can Givve while you get!


How do I create a Givve List?

You can create a Givve list when you “click add to my Givve List” on a product page. There you can create new Lists or add the product to an existing List. All your Lists will be compiled in your “My Profile” area and you can view them/edit them in within your profile. See the “How To Guide” under “About Givve” for more info!


How do I add items to my Givve Lists? 

You add items to your Givve list by clicking the “click add to my Givve List” link.  See the “How To Guide” under “About Givve” for more info!


Where can I edit my Givve Lists?

You can edit Givve lists within your profile.