As told by founder and CEO Ashley Howell

Ashley Howell

Ashley Howell

Founder & CEO

All My Fellow Givvers,

Welcome and Thank you for being a Givver! It’s my pleasure to share Givve with you and the world! Givve was born from a simple, yet chic idea, raised through a vigorous MBA program and is executed on a daily basis with passion just for you! I am a social entrepreneur with a vision for good in the fashion industry and the OG, Original Givver!

During my MBA, I began my personal quest to determine what my contribution to world of social enterprise would be. Having a strong passion for giving back and helping others; while simultaneously living vicariously each month through my fashion magazines, my epiphany came to me.  Being a consumer of charitable fashion products myself, I realized there was a major market gap for people like myself because the was no single, online platform that featured exclusively charitable fashion products.  In order to shop for items that gave back I had to scavenge the internet for various products. Now, The Givve Collection aggregates all those products in one chic online location.

My dream is that we inspire shoppers to change from shopping to givving! Thank you for visiting The Givve Collection and making a difference through your purchases.

Much love to all current and future Givvers,

Ashley Howell

The Givve Bow

Ruth Aka

Ruth Aka

Chief Inspirerer

Just as my idea for The Givve Collection was inspired, so was the Givve bow. One of my fashion icons, my grandmother Ruth, was the epitome of elegant style throughout her life.

One of my fondest memories was watching the The Sound Of Music with her and signing along to “These Are a Few of My Favorite Things.” In that song, Maria, the nun turned governess, describes some of her favorite things; one of which is brown paper packages tied up with string.

Since The Givve Collection features my favorite things, the Givve bow was inspired by this early influence.